My Approach

The Key to Winning Criminal Cases

When it comes to handling criminal charges, it is important for an attorney to not only understand the criminal justice system, but also the situation of each client. As a criminal defense lawyer, I make it my priority to provide each and every client with one on one legal services, tailored to their specific needs. The Law Office of David D. Narain is a law firm that is dedicated to providing exceptional criminal defense representation. My firm's success is based on hard work, thorough preparation, and in-depth knowledge of New York laws. By utilizing these tools, I am able to better serve, support and protect my clients.

What is the key to winning a criminal case? An experienced defense attorney knows that they must create "reasonable doubt" in the minds of the jury and the judge. You are innocent unless the prosecution can prove, beyond reasonable doubt, that you committed the crime. I take a logical approach to every case, determining right away what will be required to win a case. This involves identifying weaknesses in the prosecution's case and uncovering any evidence that may support or strengthen your defense.

Phases of the Criminal Justice System

My firm handles every phase of the criminal justice system, beginning with the investigation. I examine all the available evidence, consult with potential witnesses and start to identify all possible defense strategies. Once I have down this ground work, I continue to develop and strengthen your defense through pre-trial discovery and motion practice. Finally, I utilize my extensive trial experience to advance your defense to a jury through opening statements, cross examination and closing arguments. By focusing on each of these areas, I am able to create a winning formula for criminal defense.

If you are facing criminal charges, please do not hesitate to contact my firm for a free consultation. Remember, being charged with a crime is a serious matter, which requires serious representation. Get the defense you deserve by working with an aggressive criminal attorney.

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